Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Without them, we would not be as successful or have as much fun planning and executing all our activities. Niawen’kó:wa…you can’t imagine how much you are appreciated!

We would love to have you join our volunteer team. If you are interested, please call 450-633-0276 or email us at katerifoundation@paulcomm.ca
You can also print our Volunteer registration form

Thanks to RBA Foundation for sponsoring the KMF Volunteerism Initiative.

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2016 Volunteers

Alana Atwin
Amanda Canadian
Amanda Phillips
Amelia McGregor
Angelika Delormier
Arlene Delaronde
Arnold Lazare
Asel Abdina
Audrey Gilbert
Barry Diabo
Brooke Deer
Carrie Ann Phillips
Cheryl Homer
Cheryl Montour
Cheyenne Delisle
Cynthia Jacobs
David McComber
David Scott
Dawn Lazare
Diio Gilbert
Dwaine White
Emily Stacey
Eva Johnson
Frank McComber
Haley Delaronde
Hope Stacey
Jade McComber
Jayden Diabo
Jill McComber
Jill Phillips
John Rice
Johnna Montour
Johnny Cross
Judi Jacobs
Kaniet White
Karis Brown
Kateri O
Kathleen Gilbert
Kieran Brown
Kim Delormier
Kobey Lahache
Kristina Belaveau
Laurie Deer
Laurie Whitebean
Lee Schafer
Lisa Peterson
Lisa Skye
Lois Montour
Lori Diabo
Lynda Delisle
Melissa Jean Deer
Morgan Phillips
Morrison King
Nick Angus
Ohsen:nase Brown
Owen Stacey
Rodrigue Caplette
Samantha Gilbert
Sandra Jacco
Sheila Lazare
Sheridan Ross
Tio Peterson
Tricia Laborgne
Trudy Jacobs
Tyler Gilbert
Watio Martinez
Wihse Stacey

Volunteers 2015

Volunteers 2014