MemorialMemorial Tree full donations are a meaningful way to honour loved ones and to support the Kateri Memorial Foundation. This holiday season, more than one hundred red, gold and silver memory bulbs adorned the KMF Christmas tree, which was on display at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center until just after the new year.

If you purchased a memory bulb and would like to keep it, they may be picked up at the KMF office (located on Old Malone Highway) from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.




List of 2016 Christmas Memorials

In loving memory of our parents, Charlie & Celina

In loving memory of Jimmy

May Delaronde

Freddie Deer

Lester Deer

Charlotte & Wallace Stacey

Ma & Pot

Anthony D’ailleboust

Frances D’Aoust

Charlotte & Wallace Stacey

Bobbie Ireland

Thomas, parents, sisters & brothers

Grandma Alice

Brenda Boyer Dearhouse from Carol, Joe & family

Mama Lucy Delsile

Louise Cross Jacobs

Doris ‘Pie’ White

Penny Leclaire

Sawatis Diabo

Hilda Barnaby

Joanne & Dale Laborgne

Paul & Edith Lahache

George Lahache

Tom & Annie Lahache

Frank Lahache

Agnes Robertson

Joanne Martin

Kenneth ‘Weedie’ McComber

Lloyd McComber

Angus, Louis & Angus

John, James & Kenneth

Carol Beauvais

Rayven Lahache

Ritchie & Paul family – Love from Eleanor

Tommy Gun, Louis Diabo

Jimmy Flo McComber

Adam Jacobs

Melvyn Jacobs

Angie Jacobs

Fielding Horn

Ida H. Diabo

Lorraine Standup

Cormier family

Ginger Delaronde

Annie Stacey

Irene Phillips

Mitchell & Ida Thomas

Boy Cross

Marie Cross

Melvina Phillips

Hilda deer-Hannett

Jenner Montour

Louie, Cookie & Disaster

Karl & Audrey Diabo

Boy & Marie Cross

Junior Thompson

Adam Jacobs

Vernon & Catherine Phillips

Beverly Phillips

Grandma Sandra & Grandma Carleen

Wayne Montour

Mike Phillips ‘Kanentakeron’

Jeannine Phillips

Sophia Thomas

Joe Leborgne

Louis & Cheryl Patton

Orville Standup

Peter Pinsonneault

Mary Two-Axe

Paul, Edith & George Lahace

Tota Ma Rita

Granny Pat

Marie Cross

Boy Cross

Doda Joanne & Auntie Dale

Paul Emile Curotte

Angus Canadian (Rocky)

Doda Frances Dione

Donna Rice

Gordon Rice

Donny Delormier

Louise Jacobs

Peter A. Diabo

Mama – Love Lisa & Brennan

Granny – Love Summer & Bear

Tirah Rice – Love Auntie Robyn xoxo

Carrie Peterson – Love Robyn xoxo

Thomasine Robertson

Ida Thomas

Mitchell Thomas

McGregor family – Love Navie

William Rice – Love Audra

Phyllis Snow

Baba Randy Robertson – Love grandchildren

Ronald Baxter – From Gail, Grant & kids

Louis J & Louise Deer – From family

Irvin Bordeau – Love Jayme Ann

Myron Clute – Love Laura

Fielding Horn  – Love Wendy & family

Baba Frank & Grandma Paddy – Love Wendy & family

Karen Diabo – Love mom & dad

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Mayo – Love Marina

Annie Jacobs – From Clayton & family

Ida Diabo – Love your grandkids

Ida Diabo – Love Lacey, Dodo, Ottis, Hattie